ASECNA launch pre-operational SBAS service


The first essential step of ASECNA’s SBAS services provision plan, the broadcasting tests for our pre-operational service, has started.

Its main objectives are to carry-out technical trials, to build competencies for operations and to undertake field demonstrations in the aviation domain for aircraft and rotorcraft, and also for the additional services under study such as Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and Emergency Warning Services to populations (EWS). 

This initial service will be based on the broadcast of a test signal-in-space, from a pre-operational infrastructure deployed with the support of the Thales Alenia Space company and of its Nigerian partner Nigcomsat LTD. This infrastructure is composed of the SAGAIE GNSS stations network, a demonstrator, an uplink station and the GEO satellite NigComSat-1R.

The test signal will be compliant to the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (Annex 10) and to the Minimum Operational Performance Standards from RTCA (DO-229E). It includes a message type MT0 to prevent any use for safety critical applications, including any use by aircraft equipped with certified SBAS receivers.

Followed by the international community, the provision of the pre-operational service is major step forward in the development of satellite navigation in Africa.

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