The DOMUS consortium does the first Uspace drone demonstration in Spain


The DOMUS consortium, led by ENAIRE, today conducted a preliminary evaluation, before the SESAR Joint Undertaking, of the first tests in Spain of U-space. 

The final demonstration will take place in September of this year and will provide an example for the full integration of drones in airspace. 

The cost of the demonstrations totals four million euros: half of it is financed by the consortium members and the other half via community funding. 

The test laboratory reproduces all the parameters that have to be considered to ensure the “coexistence” of drones with the other “actors” that use airspace, including commercial aviation. 

The DOMUS project is part of a European network of U-space demonstrations contained within the SESAR programme. In the case of Spain, these demonstrations are taking place in Jaén and Lugo involving several companies that collaborate in the design of the system. 

The tests consider scenarios as diverse as the use of unmanned aircraft for parcel delivery or in a fire emergency. 

Additionally, a U-space test was carried out for the first time in an urban environment in Spain in conjunction with a Smart City platform in the town of Villacarrillo, in Jaén.

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