Switzerland-wide rollout of digital authorisation for unmanned aerial systems and other special flights


Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, has now rolled out its digital flight planning and airspace authorisation service for drones and other special flights throughout Switzerland. After an introductory phase in Geneva, Lugano, Dübendorf and Zurich the online service is available throughout Switzerland and is part of the Swiss U-Space rollout. The online service makes it easier for Skyguide to process requests for flights in controlled airspace.

Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators throughout Switzerland can submit online applications for permission to fly in controlled airspace with an easy-to-use web application. Skyguide can process both single-click and multi-level approvals and issue digital exemptions.

The digital solution for coordinating and approving special flights reduces processing time for approvals, reduces the administrative burden on Skyguide’s special flights office, and enables operators of UAS and other special flights to access controlled airspace safely and efficiently. 

More information:

– U-Space Skyguide: www.swissuspace.ch

– Web application for special flight requests at Skyguide: https://sfo.skyguide.ch/operator/requests

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