Thales and SMATSA continue their successful partnership to offer better systems interoperability and new decision support tools for air traffic controllers


Thales and SMATSA, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Serbia and Montenegro, in charge of providing Air Traffic Management (ATM) services to airspace users in the airspace of Serbia and Montenegro, are extending their partnership through 2025 by signing a new contract for software and hardware support services. This new contract includes new functional enhancements that will improve system interoperability and provide new decision support tools for air traffic controllers.

Existing partnership will be extended by additional three years of software and hardware support services. Thales is expected to assist SMATSA in managing all aspects related to the life support of the Air Traffic Management System in addition to bringing new tools, which will contribute to the air traffic controllers (ATCO) productivity and support the safety of operations.

Improvement of the cybersecurity threats awareness will be achieved through the Vulnerability Management Service. This solution includes monthly cybersecurity reports that will enable timely management of any new threats.

To go further, software and hardware support services will maintain the system in operation for 3 years. It will also contribute to the provision of the following functional evolutions: 2D and 3D based “What Else” probing to increase the safety of operations and ATCO productivity, System Wide Information Management (SWIM) based interface for higher level of operation, Temporary Segregated Areas grouping to increase the situation awareness of ATCOs.

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