Spanish government authorises 48 million EUR contract to operate air traffic management support systems


Specifically, these systems are:

  • the Automated Air Traffic Control Service (SACTA), the presentation of flight plans (ICARO), the radar network and voice communications systems, which are essential for air navigation; and
  • The systems located in ENAIRE’s five en route and approach control centres, all the radars and every airport will be covered by this service.

The contract execution period will be 36 months, and may be extended for two years in two, one-year extensions.

The aim is to receive technical advice on the specialised technical operation of the following ENAIRE systems: the Automated Air Traffic Control System (SACTA); the presentation of flight plans through the ICARO platform; and the entire network of radar and voice communications systems between air traffic controllers, and between controllers and aircraft pilots. The SACTA system is the air traffic control system installed in every traffic control unit (terminal area, approach, and control tower), and has been developed by the company INDRA.

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