Spain enhances airspace safety with FREQUENTIS’ contingency voice communication system


Frequentis will provide Spanish Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), ENAIRE, with a contingency voice communication system (VCS) for air traffic control towers at nine country-wide locations across Spain. The country-wide contingency VCS infrastructure will enable business continuity in the event of an air traffic control (ATC) disruption, allowing airspace operations to continue.

The solution is based on the Frequentis voice over IP (VoIP) product, VCS 3020X, which is in operational use in Europe and worldwide, proving its capability and reliability.

During potential network outages or service disruptions, an ANSP could experience loss of revenue due to compensation or penalty claims by airline customers. With an improved ATC infrastructure to allow contingency operations, voice communication services from various locations can continue.

“Frequentis is pleased to be providing ENAIRE with a turnkey fallback voice communication system for control centers, supporting ENAIRE in its goal to be at the forefront of safe, efficient, quality, and sustainable provision of air navigation services. In order to maintain the level of service required of a busy network, and stay prepared for potential disruptions, it is important to have a reliable and resilient back-up solution in place. The Spanish market is an important part of Frequentis’ strategy and we look forward to a successful and long-term business relationship with ENAIRE.”, says Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Vice President ATM Civil.

Frequentis and ENAIRE had previously worked together on the modernisation of its air navigation data network (REDAN). Frequentis was tasked with providing communication gateways and the integration of legacy voice communication services. The current project will begin with the delivery and implementation of seven of the nine systems during 2020. Frequentis also benefits from local partners in Spain, which will allow quick deliveries in Sevilla, Palma and the Canaries.

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