Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority awards Adacel USD$3.6 million ATM system modernisation contract


Adacel Technologies Limited, an industry leader in advanced air traffic management and ATC simulation and training systems, is proud to announce the award of a new contract from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) valued at over USD$3.6 million to modernize its air traffic management system.

“We are thrilled to welcome SCAA as our newest customer,” shares Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO. “Our team looks forward to delivering on our commitments to modernise SCAA’s Air Traffic Management system and implementing higher airspace efficiency,” continues Mr. Verret.

The contract encompasses a complete replacement of the current ATM system with Adacel’s Aurora Air Traffic Management system and is expected to be executed over a 24-month period. Adacel’s Aurora Air Traffic Management integrates oceanic, approach, and tower control capabilities and allows for optimal, fuel efficient routing. The Aurora system will improve service delivery by providing enhanced surveillance capabilities that incorporate both ground and space-based ADS-B as well as advanced ATM automation capabilities.

Speaking about the award, SCAA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Garry Albert said: “In line with our plan to modernize our various infrastructures, SCAA is excited to see its air traffic management system advancing to the next level despite the delay incurred from the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team is looking forward to embark on this crucial journey with a prestigious company like Adacel. SCAA is confident that Adacel will deliver on its promise for safe, reliable and efficient products and services.”