The Civil Aeronautic Authority of Panama and Indra install a new control center that doubles the safety and capacity of air traffic management in the country


Indra and the Civil Aeronautic Authority of Panama (AAC) have completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art air traffic control center that will double safety and the efficiency of air traffic management in the country.

Located in Howard, near the Pacific International Airport, the center will supervise the approach maneuvers of all airports.

Its commissioning means it can take over this task from Albrook’s control center, which will start to manage in route traffic.

This new center is prepared to take over the management of the entire air space in an emergency.

The separation of the route and approach functions increases the capacity of the AAC to absorb more traffic and it strengthens the position and the appeal of Panama as a regional hub for the main airlines.

The center is equipped with the Indra Air Automation system, one of the most powerful solutions for processing flight plans and 4D trajectory management. This system is the result of Indra’s more than 90 years of experience in the ATM sector and over 400 control centers and towers it has commissioned all over the world.

As part of this project, Indra has also deployed a flexible, robust ground-to-ground and ground-to air-communications network that will allow Panama’s Civil Aeronautic Authority to continue to grow and incorporate new capabilities in other facilities in the future.

This network meets the need for analog and digital communications and network management, which will help detect faults, monitor connected devices and use different routes to transmit in the event that any of these should develop a fault.

It will provide a crucial data transport service for the surveillance systems and sensors, radio frequencies for air-to-ground control, digital voice, aeronautical message transmission, etc.

This new center will have the autonomy to manage messaging services for flight plans and coordination of centers, thanks to the AHMS/AFTN system from the affiliate Indra Avitech, and it will boast an advanced Neptune-type digital audio recording system to record the center’s activity.

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