NAV CANADA wins CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award 2023


Dublin, Ireland, 29 November 2023 – CANSO has announced NAV CANADA as the recipient of the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award 2023. The award recognises the individuals, teams, or companies that have made a significant contribution to aviation safety in the past 12 months. The award went to the Fatigue Risk Management Application Development Team at NAV CANADA.

Above: NAV CANADA’s Rechelle Léger (third left) accompanied by her colleague Bruno Ochin (second left) collect the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award from CANSO Safety Standing Committee Steering Group Vice Chair, Austro Control’s Andrea Sack-Nirschl (left) and outgoing Chair Osman Saafan, from DFS.

The NAV CANADA Fatigue Risk Management PowerBi App integrates three reports – Fatigue Risk, Fatigue Limit Exceedance, and Fatigue Review – to support the organisation’s Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).

This leading-edge, innovative app allows NAV CANADA to proactively manage fatigue and monitor fatigue limit exceedance for over 2,000 operational employees over five time zones located at more than a hundred units. It also supports investigations into safety events where fatigue may be a contributing factor. This data-driven approach provides better information to internal stakeholders, including unions, to collaboratively identify mitigations.

As Osman Saafan, Chair of the CANSO Safety Standing Committee commented: “Amidst the impressive array of nominations, we are delighted to recognise the NAV CANADA Fatigue Risk Management PowerBi App as a standout. Given the focus on fatigue and safety, this initiative has emerged as a leading initiative and an innovative solution.”

“Congratulations to the NAV CANADA team for their outstanding achievement. Safety in aviation demands continuous dedication, and it’s heartening to witness the global community’s unwavering commitment to our shared mission. Each nominee, with their expertise and creativity, contributes significantly to elevating safety standards in aviation. I commend all the entries in this year’s award for their inspiring work, underscoring the collective effort to ensure safety is a daily reality in our industry.”

“We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our team in developing our Fatigue Risk Management PowerBi App, and are honoured that their efforts were recognised by receiving the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award,” said Ray Bohn, President and CEO, NAV CANADA. “In line with its strategic direction and working closely with our dedicated employees, NAV CANADA is committed to ensuring our people are ready for the critical work of keeping Canada’s skies safe. Using the available data, NAV CANADA is able to create, monitor, and evolve fatigue limits based on fatigue science and the industry’s best practices.”

The winner was announced during the GANSO Global Safety Achievement Conference 2023 Gala Dinner on November 28, hosted by AirNav Ireland in Dublin, Ireland.

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