Look who’s talking at Airspace World!


The full, interactive agenda for Airspace World’s five theatres, and the CANSO Executive Summit 2023 is now live.

Details of the nearly 150 individual sessions are now available, with subjects covered ranging from firesides chats with leading industry figures, to debates on specific topics such as higher airspace operations, regional differences in air traffic management, vertiports, meeting aviation’s long term climate goals and improving resilience to cybersecurity attacks.

We’ll also be looking at the fast developing drone and other uncrewed aircraft industry, with sessions on the future of urban air mobility, CNS drone measurements, and advancing ATM and UTM integration.

Users can search by time slots, speakers, or a range of industry subjects to find the sessions which are of most interest to them.

Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO, said: “Our five Airspace World theatres and the activities planned on the Europe for Aviation stand, will provide the thousands of people who have registered to attend Airspace World access to the leading thinkers and experts in our industry. We’ll have over 100 hours of content to explore and take part in, hearing the insightful views of almost 200 speakers.

“You’re not going to find more inspirational insight, debate and discussion on the changing nature of our industry, and its future, anywhere else.”

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See the full agenda here.