AirNav Indonesia hosts CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2023


Air traffic management (ATM) leaders from across the Asia Pacific region and beyond are gathering in Bali, Indonesia this week for the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference hosted by AirNav Indonesia.

The CANSO Asia Pacific Conference, taking place from 11th to 13th July, serves as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing in ATM for the Asia Pacific region. The event brings together industry leaders to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in the region.

The agenda includes compelling panel sessions on key topics such as “Riding the Digitalisation Megatrend to Level Up”, “Fostering Culture and Talent Development for Innovation,” “Becoming the Architects of Regional ATM for our Best Interest.”

“The CANSO Asia Pacific Conference is particularly beneficial for the development of the aviation industry in the nation as well as for AirNav Indonesia’s provision of air navigation services.” said Polana Pramesti, Chief Executive Officer, AirNav Indonesia.  “A variety of fascinating subjects will be covered at this conference, such as the use of digital technology for air navigation services and the development of talent to innovate in the field of aviation navigation.”

“This year’s edition of the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference examines how ATM in the Asia Pacific can be made greater than the sum of its parts under a regional ATM framework,” commented Poh Theen Soh, CANSO APAC Regional Director.

“We are grateful to be hosted by AirNav Indonesia and we are looking forward to a couple of days of contributions and insights that will shape the growth and development of the aviation industry in our region and beyond.”