Dutch Air Navigation Service Provider LVNL achieves GreenATM Level 3 accreditation 


Amsterdam, 30 November 2023 -LVNL, the Dutch Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has been awarded Level 3 in CANSO’s GreenATM environmental accreditation programme. This recognition is highlighting LVNL’s significant contributions to airport and community relations, driving innovation in efficiency and sustainability within the aviation industry.

The CANSO GreenATM initiative, launched in late 2022, provides a comprehensive evaluation of ANSPs’ efforts in environmental sustainability and efficiency. ANSPs are assessed across five defined levels, each with progressively ambitious and comprehensive objectives for promoting sustainability and environmental management at their facilities and within the airspace for which they are responsible.

LVNL’s accreditation underscores its commitment to environmental responsibility and practices within the aviation sector. The accreditation recognised particular efforts by LVNL in several key areas:

Optimisation of Wake Turbulence Spacing: LVNL’s efforts to optimise wake turbulence spacing has led to notable efficiencies in approach management at Schiphol airport resulting in less use of noise sensitive runways. 

Efficiencies in the Air and on the Ground: The implementation of advanced GNSS navigation technologies as represented by high levels of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) deployment and surface movement optimisation reduced excess fuel burn in the air and on the ground.

Airport and Community Relations:  Schiphol Airport is located in the ‘Randstad’, the most populous area in the Netherlands. For this reason LVNL started the programme ‘Minder Hinder Schiphol’ with measures to reduce nuisance. It is based on ideas not only from LVNL, Schiphol, the airlines, but also from residents and municipal government representatives.

Sustainable Procurement: LVNL has shown impressive progress in sustainable procurement policy and actively promotes socially responsible procurement. LVNL also monitors the efforts of suppliers to improve their sustainability. 

LVNL’s achievement at Level 3 can be seen as an excellent development within the aviation industry and also highlights its engagement with employees and airspace users and other stakeholders on initiatives that deliver tangible environmental benefits.

“We are honoured to recognise LVNL for their Level 3 achievement in the GreenATM programme. This milestone underscores LVNL’s commendable efforts in environmental sustainability, reflecting their commitment to driving positive change across various domains,” noted Simon Hocquard, CANSO Director General. “Their proactive engagement with employees and airspace users on initiatives with tangible environmental benefits sets a noteworthy example for the industry,” he added.

Michiel van Dorst, CEO of LVNL, commented, “We are extremely proud with the GreenATM Level 3 accreditation, making LVNL one of the first few ANSPs in the world to do so! It’s a recognition for the sustainable path we’ve embarked on as an organization overall and in our air traffic management.”

LVNL’s accreditation exemplifies its commitment to advancing sustainability within the aviation industry, inspiring and setting a benchmark for environmental action. The GreenATM programmes shared baseline of evaluation for ANSPs worldwide promises to uncover and share best practices, encouraging coordinated efforts across the industry to benefit the environment.