Indra to equip the international airports of Dubai with the most advanced Digital Voice over IP communication system in the world

  • Dubai International Airport, the largest in the world in terms of international passengers, and Al Maktoum International Airport, which aims to have the greatest capacity worldwide, will have a completely digital voice IP communication system provided by Indra
  • Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) has awarded Indra this three-year project to strengthen the reliability of controller-pilot voice communications

Dubai International Airport, the largest in the world in terms of international passengers, and Al Maktoum International Airport, which has set the goal to become one of the largest worldwide, will feature Indra’s Garex 300, a completely digital voice IP communication system with the most advanced technology, representing a great leap in terms of security.

For nearly 15 years, Dubai’s international airports have been using Indra’s Garex 220 VCCS system to provide them with secure, reliable and efficient communications. Since its initial installation, the system has been reconfigured, relocated, adapted and expanded to adapt to the pace of development at these airports.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) has now decided to upgrade the system, switching to the Garex 230, a solution that allows the latest in Voice over IP technology to coexist with the current equipment, with the eventual goal of implementing a smooth migration to the fully Voice IP-based Garex 300 VCCS system.

This exclusive model for progressive implementations from the Garex 220 system via Garex 230 to Garex 300 not only allows DAEP to leverage on current infrastructure investments, but also ensures a low-risk implementation, simplifying the transition between the systems, without affecting airport operations.

This gradual approach ensures there is reliable communication between air traffic control and pilots throughout the three-year transition, ensuring that security remains a priority at all times. Once the project has been completed, Dubai will have one of the world’s most advanced voice communication control systems: the Voice over IP-based Garex 300.

This system is the latest development in Indra’s long line of voice communication control systems. It brings together six decades of experience in providing reliable, efficient and, above all, secure ground-to-air communication. Voice over IP technology turns each component of the system into an independent network node, operating autonomously, offering maximum flexibility in network configuration and enabling immediate integration and interoperability with other solutions, as well as far superior performance and reliability compared to other systems.

Indra is one of the world’s leading suppliers of air traffic management systems. Europe’s top air navigation authority, EUROCONTROL, has just entrusted Indra the complete digitalization of the entire continent’s air navigation network, the socalled Network Manager (NM). Indra is introducing the use of next-generation automation systems and artificial intelligence, virtualization and cloud computing technologies that improve the security, efficiency and sustainability of air traffic. Its Indra Air Solutions portfolio, based on proprietary technology, is one of the most comprehensive packages in existence and one of the few that cover the complete management of a flight throughout all its phases.

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