CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2021

The CANSO Asia Pacific Conference united ANSPs from the region and beyond. With high quality panel discussions and technical workshops that addressed regional and global issues and opportunities, the conference brought together senior ANSP executives, colleagues and suppliers from across the industry for insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

The CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2021 was in May 2021 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, kindly hosted by NiuSky Pacific Ltd.

Watch the replays

Day one: Wednesday 19 May

Opening addresses

Mr Conrad Clifford: Outlook for the Airline Industry – Implications for Asia Pacific ANSPs

CEO panelThe new normal in ATM

Cybersecurity workshop

Day two: Thursday 21 May

UTM panel discussion

ATFM/CDM panel discussion

CEO panelLeveraging ATM innovation and technology to emerge stronger

Closing remarks and cultural performance

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Our sponsors’ and host’s takeaways

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Aireon From Concept to Operations

Aireon’s Commercial Data Services


Deploying Space-Based AdS-B Through ICAO’s CRV

Executive Reference Guide

Corporate Overview

Technical Overview

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Thales is the world leader in air mobility solutions. An impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world land and take-off with the help of Thales.

We combine half a century’s experience in development and deployment with an unrivalled worldwide installed base, advanced technology and ground-breaking innovations to deliver solutions that are continually adapted to the ever-changing aviation system’s needs.

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Recording from Cirium LIVE for SWIM session

The SWIM page

Cirium Brochures

Atech is an Embraer Group Company, recognized as the Brazilian ATM and Defense System House. It is a company guided by innovation and technology with a unique expertise in critical systems engineering and situational awareness technologies, providing solutions and automation systems, installed inland and overseas, for complex decision-making processes. The company is specialized in the development of innovative solutions for air traffic management, command and control systems, simulation and related services, recognized by ICAO as a reference system worldwide.

NiuSky Pacific Limited (NiuSky Pacific), is a State Aviation Entity (SAE) which was registered as a company in July of 2007, but started its operation in January 1st 2008. Its primary business is to provide Air Navigation Services to the domestic and international air operators who use PNG’s designated airspace— identified as the Port Moresby Flight Information Region(FIR)— with the vision to “Be a leading Air Navigation Service Provider within the region and beyond”. NiuSky Pacific Limited’s (NSPL) goal is to continue to deliver world class Air Navigation and Air Traffic Management Services to improve aviation safety, reliability and contribute to affordable and accessible air transport services for Papua New Guina. Through its Mordernisation Program which started in 2013, NSPL has rehabilitated and upgraded at least 80% of all the aeronautical radio communication, navigation, surveillance and ATM infrastructure and systems throughout PNG with advanced state-of-the-art technology including the Mordernisation of its skilled workforce.

Our agenda

Day one – 19 May

Video on Papua New Guinea

Opening addresses

  • Mr. Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO
  • Capt. Ted Pakii, Chief Executive Officer, NiuSky Pacific Ltd
  • Mr. Kevin Shum, Chair, Asia Pacific CANSO CEO Committee (APC3), and Director-General, CAAS
  • The Hon. Sekie Agisa, Minister for Civil Aviation, Papua New Guinea

Video on NiuSky Pacific Ltd

Special guest speaker
Outlook for the Airline Industry – Implications for Asia Pacific ANSPs

  • Mr. Conrad Clifford, Regional Vice-President, Asia Pacific, IATA  

Our Special Guest Speaker will help set the scene for the conference sessions to follow. The presentation would cover the current state of the airline industry, the projected recovery for the region, what the new normal for the airline industry would look like and its potential impact on Asia Pacific ANSPs.

CEO Panel – The new normal in ATM

Before the Covid-19 crisis, the APAC region accounted for 37% of the world’s passenger traffic and over 12 million flights annually. With strong economic growth and air travel in the region projected to grow at 4.2% annually over the next two decades, investing in ATM infrastructure and human capital had never been more important for the region’s ANSPs.

The onset of Covid-19 however resulted in air traffic plummeting by over 70% and cost reduction has now become a top priority for ANSPs. While this has led to a stronger focus on the essentials and more important investments, lower air traffic demand provides ANSPs with an opportunity to review and implement strategic changes.

As the APAC region recovers from the pandemic, ANSPs have to keep an eye on the future while ensuring staff remained proficient and facilities are fully operational. What should be the strategy of ANSPs as they recover from the crisis and adapt to the ‘new normal’? What are the challenges facing our ANSPs, the lessons learnt and the opportunities for the region to build back better?


  • Mr. Jason Harfield, Chief Executive Officer, Airservices Australia
  • Mr. Che Jinjun, Director General, ATMB CAAC
  • Ms. Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, FAA
  • Mr. Pramintohadi Sukarno, President Director, AirNav Indonesia

Workshop – Cybersecurity

As ATM systems and networks become more dependent on technology and information exchange in a post-pandemic world it is important that ANSPs recognise the growing threat of cyber-attacks and take steps to address and mitigate the risks. Vulnerabilities are growing because new generation ATM systems demand greater information sharing through increased use of commercial information technology and the sharing of computing networks and infrastructures. Given the critical role of ATM in ensuring flight safety and efficiency, what measures are needed to detect, respond to and recover from cyber security events?


  • Mr. Richard Derrett-Smith, Principal Consultant, Egis
  • Mr. Morten Fruensgaard, Head of Security, Safety and Crisis Management, Avinor
  • Mr. Andy Boff, Principal Consultant, Egis

Facilitator: Mr. Shayne Campbell, Safety Programme Manager, CANSO

Day two – 20 May

Video on Papua New Guinea and NiuSky Pacific Ltd

Welcome back

  • Mr. Hai Eng Chiang, Director Asia Pacific Affairs, CANSO

ATM Innovation and Emerging Technologies Panel Discussions

As ANSPs navigate the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, they would need to keep an eye on the future to keep pace with the rapidly changing aviation landscape. Two panels of industry experts will discuss some of the latest innovation and emerging technologies in UTM and how ATFM/CDM and CANSO’s vision of a global OIS can help drive ATFM/CDM implementation in support of aviation recovery by improving the resilience and sustainability of ATM.

Facilitator: Ms. Coleen Hawrysko, Operations Programme Manager, CANSO

UTM panellists:

  • Mr. Ben Brooks, Public Policy, Wing
  • Mr. Günter Graf, Vice President New Business Development, Frequentis
  • Ms. Angela Kies, Head Unmanned Aircraft Systems, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and Chair, UTM Taskforce, CANSO
  • Mr. Larry Ley, Digital Aviation, Boeing and Co-Chair, UTM Taskforce, CANSO

ATFM/CDM panellists:

  • Mr. Sugoon Fucharoen, Senior Air Traffic Management Officer, AEROTHAI and Co-Chair, ATFM/A-CDM Workgroup, CANSO
  • Mr. Stuart Ratcliffe, Business Development Director & Principal SME: ATFM/CDM and ATM, Metron Aviation and Co-Chair, ATFM/CDM Workgroup, CANSO
  • Mr. Fredrick Lindblom, Sales Director & ATM Specialist, SAAB and Co-Chair, ATFM/A-CDM Workgroup, CANSO
  • Ms. Anaelle Le Mentec, Digital Aviation Strategy Manager, Thales
  • Mr. Joe Hof, Manager, ATM Operations, CGH Technologies and Co-Chair CADENCE Task Force, CANSO
  • Ms. Midori Tanino, Manager, Engineering Services, FAA and Co-Chair CADENCE Task Force, CANSO

Facilitator: Ms. Coleen Hawrysko, Operations Programme Manager, CANSO

CEO Panel – Leveraging ATM Innovation and Technology to emerge stronger

With aviation decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic, much of the previous focus of ANSPs on capacity building has shifted to business continuity management and a rethink of project implementation timelines. As the region recovers from the pandemic, how can ANSPs leverage on ATM innovation and technology to emerge stronger and more resilient from this crisis?

  • How much of this will be in technologies that offers ATM infrastructure that are more resilient, scalable and sustainable?
  • How will technology and innovation transform operational training to ensure staff proficiency in a crisis?
  • Regional services as well as industry partnerships can help share risks and enhance resilience and scalability. What are some of the opportunities for greater collaboration and new operating models?
  • The growth of UAS and other new entrants has intensified with greater digitalization and the rapid expansion of e-commerce and various aerial services during the pandemic. How are ANSPs responding to this challenge?


  • Mr. Graeme Sumner, Chief Executive Officer, Airways New Zealand
  • Capt. Victor Liu, Director General, CAD Hong Kong
  • Mr. Han Kok Juan, Senior Dy Director General, CAAS
  • Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong, Executive Vice President, Operations, AEROTHAI

Closing remarks

  • Mr. Kevin Shum, Chair, Asia Pacific CANSO CEO Committee (APC3), and Director-General, CAAS

Our speakers

Our speakers included:

  • Mr. Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO
  • Capt. Ted Pakii, CEO, NiuSky Pacific Ltd 
  • Mr. Kevin Shum, Chair, Asia Pacific CANSO CEO Committee and Director General of CAAS 
  • Guest of Honour: The Hon. Sekie Agisa, Minister for Civil Aviation, Papua New Guinea

Our special guest speaker, Mr. Conrad Clifford, IATA Regional Vice-President Asia Pacific talked about the state of the industry and helped set the scene for discussions to follow.

We were proud to present our high level speakers for the two conference panel sessions comprising:

  • Mr. Jason Harfield, Chief Executive Officer, Airservices Australia
  • Mr. Mr. Zhang Yong, Deputy Director General, ATMB
  • Ms. Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer FAA
  • Mr. Pramintohadi Sukarno, President Director, AirNav, Indonesia
  • Mr. Graeme Sumner, Chief Executive Officer, Airways New Zealand
  • Capt. Victor Liu, Director General, HKCAD
  • Mr Han Kok Juan, Senior Deputy Director General, CAAS
  • Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong, Executive Vice President, Operations, AEROTHAI

Event Details

19 – 20 May 2021 @ 03:50 to 08:45 UTC

Virtual event


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