ERA has been trusted to prolong the performance of its WAM system at Fujairah Airport in UAE


The Wide Area Multilateration system deployed at Fujairah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates has recently been backed up by a newly signed contract of the MasterCare program of advanced assurance services.

The ERA WAM system for Fujairah Airport has been the first certified WAM system in the Middle East for ATC separation services in terminal and on-route airspace. ERA was awarded the contract for supplying the system in 2011 and it went operational in 2014. The ERA system has been chosen for the United Arab Emirates thanks to its ability to endure the severe weather conditions of the dusty environment and high outdoor temperature. The current implementation of the MasterCare program should ensure the top performance of the WAM Fujairah system under all operational capacities.

The Multi-sensor Surveillance System (MSS) for Fujairah WAM is part of the family of ERA’s worldwide tested and proven multilateration systems. It is based on distributed time architecture with GPS synchronization and its main goal has been to enhance the surveillance coverage of the airport Control Terminal Region up to 60 nautical miles.

The system consists of seven ground stations, each configured for a specific purpose: a receiver, interrogator, reference transponder, by selecting the required set of off-the-shelf modules.

ERA’s MSS ground station architecture is built to perform under harsh outdoor conditions, particularly high temperatures. The stations are also completely dust proof in order to withstand the typical local environment of hot dry deserts. All the electronic units are housed in metallic cabinets with an outstanding protection level which meet the IP67 protection standards.

MasterCare is a complete portfolio of services and a comprehensive range of assurance offerings that can be customized for each customer, deployment site and service level requirements. The United Arab Emirates, as a desert country, faces numerous harsh weather challenges and the surveillance system consequently has to be completely redundant. ERA guarantees the prevention of any possible unpleasant complications as well as maintenance on a high technical level throughout the life cycle.

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