ENAV contract signed with Swiss service provider for air traffic management platform


ENAV announces that its CEO Paolo Simioni has signed an agreement with DSNA, the French air traffic control service provider, for the common provision and sale of the Technical Integration Service of the Coflight Cloud Services programme to the Swiss air navigation service provider skyguide.

Coflight is a cutting-edge platform for Flight Data Processing that enables the improvement of the prediction of flight trajectories, allowing optimized management of routes and traffic control procedures while guaranteeing a reduction of CO2 emissions.
In addition, the digitalization of the platform – relying on a centralized system – and its cloud storage supply, will allow Skyguide to become the first service provider to utilize this new means of service provision, which allows the Air Traffic Management Data Service Provider and the Air Traffic Service Provider to remain separate entities. This process is possible thanks to the data remotization and the robust automation and system integration, aiming at optimizing costs and harmonizing technologies and cross-border operational coordination.

Developed by ENAV and DSNA to meet the requirements of the SES (Single European Sky) and the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme, Coflight enables the improvement of flight efficiency by optimizing airspace use and reducing the environmental impact of aviation. In detail, the system offers certain advanced functions – such as 4D trajectory prediction, interoperability with other open-architecture systems, and a middleware standard –, which will guarantee the constant update over the long term and scalability of the product and facilitate the introduction of future services.

ENAV’S CEO Paolo Simioni stated: this contract has an important strategic and commercial value for ENAV as it confirms our technological leadership in Europe with the creation of an innovative system that fully complies with the guidelines of the Single European Sky and demonstrates, once again, our capability to anticipate the evolution of air traffic management systems.

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