ENAIRE, sole provider authorised by AESA to provide all air navigation services in any European country


ENAIRE has been certified by the National Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) to provide air navigation services not only in Spain, but in any European country. ENAIRE is the only certified provider in Spain that is able to provide all Air Navigation services (ATS, CNS, AIS, ATFM and ASM level 3), including air control, communications, surveillance and the aeronautical information service.

ENAIRE tower

This certification makes it possible for the Spanish manager to compete in liberalisation processes abroad, such as managing airport control towers outside Spain.

This process entailed renewing its certificate from AESA as an air navigation service provider pursuant to Implementing Regulation EU 2017/373 on a permanent basis.

This is vitally important as this grants ENAIRE the certification to continue developing and providing its services within this new, much more demanding regulatory framework set up by the European Union.

It should be noted that this achievement was made possible thanks to the rigourand effort of ENAIRE’s professionals during 2020 to achieve this goal successfully and in a timely manner.

Commitment to safety, efficiency, sustainability and quality

The renewal of this new service provision certificate is another important milestone in work that ENAIRE and AESA have undertaken since 2017 in an effort to comply with the requirements established by the new regulation.

These requirements involved certifying part of the services (ATS, CNS and AIS) before January 2021 as per this new regulatory scheme, together with the new services, which were certified by ENAIRE in December 2019 (ATFM and ASM level 3).

ENAIRE is thus renewing its commitment to providing air navigation services with the highest levels of safety, efficiency, sustainability and quality within European standards, which places Spain among the European Union’s leading providers.

The effort and intense work are ongoing since in 2021, ENAIRE will continue to adapt the organisation to the requirements contained in the new Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/469 with the goal of adding a new certificate to those already received this year. Specifically, ENAIRE will work to obtain, for the first time in Spain, the certificate to provide the flight procedure design service (FPD), applicable from January 2022.