ENAIRE presents the ICARO application for managing flight plans on mobile devices


ENAIRE held its annual meeting with actors from non-commercial aviation, where the future needs of this sector were discussed and new digitised services were presented, such as the new ICARO app, the flight planning system for general aviation companies and pilots.

The new app presented today lets users complete the necessary procedures to create a flight plan, as well as receive notifications in real time, on any electronic device, without having to go to the airport’s ARO Office, thus saving them unnecessary travel time.

ICARO is a centralised system that manages aeronautical, meteorological and flight plan information, the goal being to provide users with a single point of access to this material.

With the ICARO app, you can plan your flight without intermediaries, send changes immediately, save filed plans and reuse the same template at any time, minimising the amount of data to be entered.

It is an intuitive, multilingual application that is set up to display all types of relevant information. And because it’s from ENAIRE, it’s guaranteed to comply with all applicable regulations.

ENAIRE’s ICARO application is available free of charge on Google Play and will soon be available on the Apple Store.

The development of this app is the result of ENAIRE’s efforts to facilitate and contribute to the growth of non-commercial aviation in Spain, as well as to the digitisation of all its aeronautical information services.

Digitisation of our aeronautical information products

ENAIRE is committed to digitising aeronautical information by adapting its services to new technologies and responding to users’ demands.

The latest development involved Insignia, the web application that shows all the aviation information, whose graphics were upgraded to provide a smoother, more interactive experience. The Insignia VFR website was also created to let users review visual flight charts, which contain data from ENAIRE’s Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

In this same vein, ENAIRE is constantly working with actors in the non-commercial aviation sector to tailor their requests to our air navigation services. An example of this is the periodic update to the “Guía digital para vuelo visual (VFR)” [Digital Guide to Visual Flight (VFR)], the new design elements of the VFR 500 charts, or the new features included in the latest version of ENAIRE Drones.

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