Thales to provide Dubai International Airport with TopSky – ATC Air Traffic Management system


Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) has selected TopSky – Air Traffic Control (ATC), Thales’ advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) system to enhance safety, capacity and efficiency of air navigation services. The cutting-edge solution is an adaptive technology, capable of meeting the evolving challenges for Northern Emirates airspace, where Dubai is the key driver for air traffic growth and volumes.  

The United Arab Emirates’ has developed one of the most seamless air travel experiences through its comprehensive aviation infrastructure and use of innovative technologies. Through strategic planning, world-class safety measures and the use of state-of-the-art technology, the airports in the nation are set to return soon to full capacity, with the EXPO 2020 contributing to continued traffic into 2022. As an industry leader in ATC systems, Thales’ innovative technological solutions will further enhance the country’s safety record, capacity and efficiency of air navigation services.

TopSky – ATC is a resilient system with multiple layers of redundancy that is able to continue operations without a reduction in capability. The solution complies with the highest national and international standards, and is aligned with DAEP and DANS’ requirements at the world’s busiest airport, as well as with ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) roadmap. With an easily adaptable system configuration, TopSky – ATC is ready to support and enable restructuring of the UAE’s airspace.

DANS’s new Thales Air Traffic Management (ATM) system will also offer ‘Approach Services’ for the Northern Emirates allowing the optimisation of traffic flows for increased capacity and safety while also reducing fuel burn for airlines.

DANS’s air traffic controllers will be able to monitor real-time data updates safely and efficiently, contributing to data sharing for collaborative decision-making. The Thales system also makes it easier for controllers to handle fluctuations in traffic volume, changing weather, and all types of situations that can influence air traffic control decisions at any time.

Eng. Suzanne AlEnany, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, said: “With the ongoing series of strategic expansions and development projects through the DAEP, Dubai International Airport is exponentially growing its passengers and cargo handling capacity, number of plane movements and the network of connected destinations. The partnership with Thales will strengthen our technological efficiency and fortify further our resilience to manage the Air Traffic Management, the most critical airport operations.”

Christophe Salomon, Executive Vice President Land & Air Systems, Thales, added: “With over 45 years of operations within the UAE, Thales has been a longstanding partner of the country committed to providing the most advanced technological solutions, in line with the leadership’s vision and country’s ambitions. With this new contract we are expanding our trusted partnership to the Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects and Dubai Air Navigation Services. We take pride in working hand in hand with our customers to deliver systems that addresses their specific needs. Together, we are shaping the future of air travel and building a greener tomorrow.”

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