ENAIRE engages consulting services of DFS Aviation Services


DFS Aviation Services will provide consultancy services to ENAIRE for its implementation of Flight Information Service (FIS) to Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aircrafts in Spain.

DFS Aviation Services (DAS) has been contracted by ENAIRE for the provision of operational and training consultancy services regarding the successful implementation of Flight Information Service (FIS) for VFR aircrafts by dedicated FIS-personnel. The consultancy will last until December 2022, when it is anticipated that the new FIS for VFR will commence operation.

In the project, a team of Air Traffic Management experts from the DFS Group (members of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung and its subsidiaries) will support ENAIRE in the definition of the FIS sectors, the drafting of operational documents, the development of the training concept and training  itinerary, and finally during the initial trainings. 

DFS Group is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the FIS VFR area, having successfully transitioned from a decentralised model to a centralised one in 2019 by merging the FIS from what were previously three control centres in Germany into the one in Langen now.

DAS Managing Director Andreas Pötzsch says of the project: “We are delighted to collaborate with ENAIRE on such an important project, and we look forward to using our expertise to help make the service a success right from day one. The project intensifies the close partnership between ENAIRE and DFS Group, who have successfully collaborated on several European projects over a long period”.

Xavier Benavent, ENAIRE Operations Manager, adds: “It is a pleasure to work with DAS and to be able to count on the expertise gained by the DFS Group over more than 20 years in German FIS VFR operation. This will undoubtedly guarantee successful implementation of the ENAIRE project.” 

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