ENAIRE celebrates ‘Human Factor Days’ to analyse the relationship between technology and personal skills


ENAIRE has held a ‘Human Factor Days’ congress, with EUROCONTROL, the FAA, Austro Control, and Aprocta, the professional air traffic controllers association. Ángel Luis Arias, CEO of ENAIRE, opened the congress.

This event aimed to inspire and raise awareness about human factors and human performance through a contemporary approach to operational safety applied to air traffic management. ​The study of human factors in an ATM environment such as ENAIRE’s can be used to better understand whether the impact of how technology is designed, personnel are selected and trained, procedures, roles, tasks and responsibilities, as well as organisational management itself, ensures the optimal performance of the system and proper risk management.​  

“Human Factor Days” will offer a setting in which to understand and improve how humans, with their capabilities and limitations, work, the impact of fatigue and stress, as well as EUROCONTROL’s Etokai tool to study and report on fatigue and stress in air traffic control.

Effective human performance is required to manage air traffic properly and keep the system safe and efficient. Adaptability and flexibility are necessary. It is the people who make up the system who provide this resilience.

ENAIRE’s Chief Executive Officer, Ángel Luis Arias, CEO, opened the congress and said: “Aviation is one of the safest forms of transport because every day thousands of people are striving and putting all their work and dedication into making everything work properly. Air navigation services play a vital role in the advancement of society, and ENAIRE is constantly striving to maintain and improve its already excellent levels of safety.

“For ENAIRE, offering a high level of safety in Spanish airspace takes absolute priority over anything else. Our efficient management of operational safety, as reflected in our safety figures, lets us assert that, at ENAIRE, we are constantly committed to ensuring that Spanish airspace users have every guarantee with regard to the safety of their flight.”