#CANSOOperations19: Setting the stage for seamless operations


Armin Beirle, CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Chair and Head of ACC Langen, DFS, reviews the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2019.

In his keynote address, former astronaut Gerhard Thiele highlighted that communication and listening are critical factors for successful projects. And they are of course the core of what we do in a conference. It was therefore encouraging to sense an increasing spirit of partnership and collaboration among the participants of the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2019, which I had the honour to host at DFS headquarters in Langen.

Communication is also the key for evolving towards seamless operations, from talking and listening at a meeting, and using the phone to find a solution for an immediate problem, to automated data exchange and system-wide information management (SWIM).

Irrespective of the technology and degree of automation, the essence for achieving seamless operations is the cultural shift towards developing a common understanding among all partners of the aviation system in analysing a situation and then coming to a jointly supported solution which is then implemented in a synchronised way.

As one of the panels concluded, just like events, a sort of ‘master of ceremonies’ is needed in ATM to ensure implementation is sufficiently coordinated and that all parties involved stick to the agreed plans. Because of the volatility and uncertainty in the complex air transport system, we also need solutions which are flexible and scalable to varying requirements. In addition, different stakeholders observed that we need to become quicker in implementing these new procedures and technologies to create benefits.

The conference was a truly international event, bringing together colleagues from all continents. It was also encouraging to see that we had a good mixture of age groups, from young millennials up to senior managers with more than fifty years of working experience in the industry.

The variety of industry stakeholders participating was important too. As one of the speakers mentioned in the conclusion of his presentation, “the DNA of CNS and ATM has to be the same.” I would like to extend this by saying that, to achieve seamless operations, the DNA of all partners or stakeholders has to be the same so that passengers experience a flight as a joint product of the airlines, airports and ANSPs.

Partnership and collaboration were probably the most used words during the conference. Now we need to keep the momentum going to translate words into action, and truly deliver the seamless skies and connectivity that the industry, and flying public we serve, needs both now and in the future. I look forward to working with the CANSO community in my new role as CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Chair, and to harnessing the power of this vital network in delivering true transformation in ATM.

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