Brazilian ANSP selects FREQUENTIS remote tower technology


DECEA (the Brazilian Airspace Control Department) via CISCEA (the Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Air Space Control System) has chosen FREQUENTIS to provide a Remote-Control Tower Visualisation System (SVR-TWR) at the Santa Cruz Airfield in Brazil.

Frequentis will provide its remote tower solution, smartVision, allowing enhanced situational awareness and improved safety at the aerodrome. The smartVision system will be complete with high resolution 360° panorama view and high-performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras which also include an integrated light gun. Data from the cameras will be fed back to a video wall in the remote tower centre, equipped with two integrated controller working positions. The solution will allow static and dynamic view augmentation (including surveillance labels), automated object detection and camera tracking based on image recognition as well as legal video, voice recording and replay synchronisation.

“We are pleased to work with Frequentis on this remote tower project. By installing high-definition cameras at the aerodrome we will provide air traffic controllers with a visualisation of the entire airport and its surroundings, displaying information in real-time on high-definition screens in the remote operating environment. Visual surveillance labels will further enhance the controllers overview of the traffic situation picture.” said Major-Brigadeiro Engenheiro Fernando Cesar Pereira Santos, president of CISCEA.

Remote tower solutions have already been tested and put into operation at airports around the world, safely managing instrument flight rules (IFR) and visual flight rules (VFR) operations from remote locations. Benefits of the remote tower concept include the operation of multiple airports from one remote tower centre, improving staff flexibility and facility management. Isolated airports at risk of closure will benefit, by enabling ATC to be performed from a centrally located facility.

“Frequentis is delighted to be partnering with DECEA/CISCEA on the implementation of this Remote Tower project in Brazil. High-definition camera equipment, object detection and tracking ability will allow controllers to manage traffic from a remote location by enhancing the view they would have from a conventional tower.”, says Hannu Juurakko, Vice President ATM Civil Frequentis.

Meet Frequentis at World ATM Congress in Madrid, stand 526, March 12-14, to find out more about remote tower technology.

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