Airspace Q3 2019 – The meaning of success – Altitude Angel and Frequentis


CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM Finalist

Altitude Angel and Frequentis – Integrating drones into ATM operations

Operation Zenith was a joint project by Altitude Angel and Frequentis and provided a comprehensive demonstration of how drone operations can be safely integrated into everyday air traffic management (ATM) operations.

Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM provided all parties with a real-time moving map of all aerial activity, which the UTM (UAS traffic management) system also used to send advance warning to nearby highly automated drones or to the pilots in charge of them to help them safely operate in proximity.

All the while, the UTM system was fully integrated into the air traffic control tower at Manchester Airport, providing air traffic controllers with a detailed view of all approved and unapproved activity.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, CEO and founder said: “With our partners Frequentis, alongside NATS, Manchester Airport and over 20 delivery partners, we delivered a series of world-first live demonstrations proving the successful integration of ATM and UTM in real-life situations at a major UK airport.

“What made Operation Zenith even more impressive was the fact it took place in a fully operational airspace, side-by-side with regular traffic movements.”

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