Your Airspace World highlights for Thursday 21 March


On the last day of Airspace World 2024, Airspace World 2024 will bring together thousands of visitors for three days of exhibition, discussion and debate at the world’s largest air traffic management event.

Thursday sees the first ever selection of sessions aimed at young professionals and students in the aviation industry – Future Skies; Tomorrow’s Voices, as well as hours of other topics.

Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices is produced by CANSO, in partnership with the SESAR Engage 2 Network and Firstfruits Services. It gives young graduates and professionals aged 20 to 28 the chance to dive into the heart of the air traffic management and aerospace industries, engage with decision makers, and gain insights that will help them develop successful careers.

The programme is made up of a number of engaging sessions designed to provide valuable insights and encourage discussions between seasoned leaders and the young participants.

See the full programme of events, which all take place in the Frequentis Theatre, here.

The four other theatres continue to bring the widest range of content to Airspace World attendees. Following on from our highlights of Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 March, here are some of the highlights for Thursday 21 March. For details of all the events, take a look at the full conference agenda.

Commercial space launch and recovery operations – Airspace integration

10:00-10:50, Wing Theatre

Delve into the complexities of seamlessly integrating commercial space launch and recovery activities into existing airspace frameworks. Industry experts and innovators will share insights into the technological advancements, regulatory considerations, and collaborative efforts driving the evolution of airspace integration in the rapidly expanding commercial space sector.

Getting ready for the next decade of investments in ATM modernisation

10:30-12:00, Future Skies Theatre

The aviation community is facing a defining moment. All actors in the network are under pressure to deliver on performance. Decision makers are confronted with difficult “trade-offs” almost daily to push the system to its optimum, reducing cost while increasing efficiency, capacity, access and equity, global interoperability, and delivering on sustainability, security, and safety.

At the same time, thanks to programmes such as SESAR and others, the innovation space in the world has never been so active and productive. The availability of this large wealth of innovations challenges decision makers to make strategic decisions on the right combination of solutions to maximise the impact on performance at local or network level.

How can we prepare for the next decade of ATM transformation ?

Planning for the Disruptions: Lessons Learned from Around the World

11:00-11:50, Boeing Theatre

Planned special events and unforeseen disruptions have been, and will continue to be, a part of the air transportation system. ATM resiliency relies on ANSPs and aviation stakeholders anticipating and proactively planning for these disruptions.

In this panel discussion, experienced representatives from CANSO members around the world will share how some of the large-scale special events and disruptions were managed and the lessons learned that can be applied elsewhere.

If AI was already optimising the operations, which ones would you think of and why are we still talking about it?

12:00-12:25, Indra Theatre

What’s coming next – and soon – in the world of aviation is the emergence and proliferation of new entrants and technologies. How ATC facilitates their safe integration is of vital concern. Join us as we offer the perspective of the labour unions representing aviation safety professionals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance works to ensure the workforce has a voice and is included in discussions about the future of our airspace and the safe integration of all new entrants and technologies.

Strategies for Talent Attraction: are we doing it right?

12:00-12:50, Frequentis Theatre

This panel explores the effectiveness of current approaches in attracting talent to the aviation industry. We’ll delve into the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations in engaging with new generations, explaining the intricacies of the aviation industry, and motivating aspiring professionals. Our expert panellists will examine existing strategies, share insights, and propose innovative solutions to ensure a diverse, skilled, and motivated workforce for the future of aviation.

The day will conclude with a careers fair tailored for young professionals, providing them with invaluable opportunities to explore career paths, network with industry leaders, and gain insights into the diverse opportunities available in the aviation sector.