UFA, Inc. launches cutting-edge VR air traffic control system at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey


In a groundbreaking move towards modernisation and enhanced training effectiveness, the U.S. Air Force, in partnership with UFA Inc., has taken the leap forward to procure its inaugural virtual reality (VR) air traffic control simulation system at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, using UFA’s ATVR. This pioneering endeavour, delivered in December 2023, marks a significant leap forward in leveraging innovative technology to enhance operational readiness, modernise the force, and ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency in air traffic control.

Amid the dynamic landscape of modern warfare and the evolving complexities of global security, the imperative for advanced training methods has never been more pronounced. Recognising this imperative, the dedicated team of the 39th Operations Support Squadron has embraced the transformative potential of virtual reality to revolutionise air traffic control training. The deployment of the VR simulation system at Incirlik Air Base signifies a strategic commitment to provide personnel with innovative tools that replicate real-world scenarios with unprecedented fidelity.