The iTEC alliance launches iTEC OneSky, a major step towards the digital European sky

  • Next-generation air traffic management system iTEC OneSky will use new technologies such as virtualisation, cloud computing and advanced automation to respond to the challenges of the future Digital European Sky in areas like resilience, scalability and sustainability.

The iTEC Alliance (DFS, ENAIRE, NATS, LVNL, AVINOR, PANSA and Oro Navigacija) has launched iTEC OneSky, the next step in cooperation and development of its highly advanced air traffic management system to respond to the challenges faced by aviation as it looks to recover from the impact of covid-19 and play its role in tackling climate change.

Developed by some of the world’s most advanced Air Navigation Service Providers and technology partner, Indra, iTEC OneSky will incorporate a range of new technologies that will enhance the safety and efficiency of air traffic management.  

iTEC OneSky will be a new version derived from the current iTEC system, which is deployed in some of Europe’s largest area control centres such Karlsruhe in Germany and Prestwick in the UK and has recently come into operation in Vilnius area control centre in Lithuania.

The system will support customer aims to fly in a more sustainable way and will help mitigate  an increasing cyber threat to service provision.

It will enable the new architecture proposed by the Airspace Architecture Study (AAS) and will allow the development of new business models, such as ATM Data Services (ADSP) to reduce costs, provide further resilience and deliver greater scalability of the European Network. PANSA will be the first ANSP to deploy the new iTEC OneSky system in its ATM contingency centre in Poznan, Poland.

Torgeir Slotte, Head of Strategy of iTEC said: “We are delighted to launch iTEC OneSky. It will deliver advanced interoperability between control centres across Europe to facilitate improved interfaces, smoother and more accurate transfer of air traffic management data and enabling savings in fuel burn and CO2 emissions through a common air traffic management system that will be amongst the most advanced in the market.

“Through iTEC OneSky, the members of the iTEC Alliance will also be in a unique position to play a leading role in the construction of the future Digital European Sky and support the aviation industry’s efforts to deliver net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.”

The iTEC OneSky system will use the latest tools and technologies, including advanced automation, to give air traffic controllers the capacity to manage more flights and to reinforce safety in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex with the rise of new airspace users.

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