Singapore Aviation Academy as international leader in civil aviation training


Singapore Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, Mr Chee Hong Tat, unveiled at the second Changi Aviation Summit Welcome Dinner the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s (CAAS) plans to enhance the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), to train the next generation of aviation professionals and support the growth of international aviation and the Singapore air hub. The enhancement will help SAA strengthen its position as a leader in civil aviation training, a convenor of global expertise and experience, and a thought leader in civil aviation.

Developing and delivering deep expertise in civil aviation

With increasing complexity in day-to-day aviation, SAA, which today offers over 110 aviation courses, will undertake a thorough view of its curriculum and refresh it to better equip aviation professionals with new competencies to help them navigate the post-COVID world, including in important functions such as aviation safety as well as emerging areas such as sustainability and innovation. The enhanced SAA will also sharpen its sharing of Singapore’s experience in developing and running an international air hub in areas such as aviation management, aviation safety and security and air traffic services through lectures by experts and collaboration with local and international partners, including its newly appointed SAA Senior Fellows. SAA will focus on developing and delivering deep expertise in civil aviation, adopting an international yet uniquely Singapore practice-oriented approach, to differentiate itself from other aviation universities and academies around the world.

In line with this approach, CAAS has appointed three senior professional staff to head the SAA Schools of Aviation Management, Aviation Safety and Security, and Air Traffic Services to review and develop new professional curricula, build up the pool of trainers, and convene new platforms for thought leadership and engagement:

Air Traffic Services

Mr Vincent Hwa, Director of Air Traffic Services, has been appointed Head of the School of Air Traffic Services. The School of Air Traffic Services will develop new programmes on emerging operational concepts such as Trajectory Based Operations (TBO). It will refresh its current suite of programmes in core domains to build a new generation of skilled air traffic controllers to meet the future needs especially when the new Changi Airport Terminal Five comes into operation.

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