Seamless cross-border ATM operations explored at Airspace World


Seamless cross-border air traffic management (ATM) relies on simplifying the complex world of international regulatory harmonisation and agreements.

Participants in a stimulating panel discussion at Airspace World 2024, in the Boeing Theatre on Tuesday 19 March, will explore the critical role of collaboration among nations and organisations in streamlining cross-border airspace management. It will also examine the challenges, enablers and future prospects of harmonisation efforts, highlighting the importance of global cooperation for enhancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of international aviation operations.

Victor Liu, Director General, Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong, China, and one of the panellists says: “The Asia-Pacific region has been the fastest growing region in the last few decades, and this will continue to be so according to all the forecasts, including CANSO’s. To maintain sustainable development and efficient operations, collaboration among states, administrations and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) are essential.”

On the panel, Liu will share Hong Kong’s experiences in equipping and enhancing the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s capability to play its role, as well as how to collaborate with regional ANSPs and stakeholders with different perspectives.

Title: Seamless Cross-Border ATM Operations

When: 12:00 noon, Tuesday 19 March

Where: Boeing Theatre