Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC (ATMB)


Organisation overview

Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) is a public institution under Civil Aviation Administration of China. ATMB was separated as an independent agency in the year 1994, and since then it provides air traffic control service, as well as communications, navigation, surveillance (CNS), aviation meteorology and aeronautical information services, to all the civil flights in China’s airspace. ATMB directs and administrates 7 regional ATMBs and 37 sub bureaus/stations, which are mainly located in the provincial capital cities or municipalities of China.

As the major ANSP in the world’s second largest aviation nation, ATMB successfully guaranteed the safety of flight movements over a 10.81 million sqm airspace during the past decades, and holds a brilliant safety record since its establishment.

ATMB’s goal is to become one of Asia’s best ANSPs by 2025, and one of the world’s best by 2030.

Number of Towers Operated46
Number of Area Control Centres24
Number of Approach Controls47
Number of Employees> 31,000
Number of ATCOs> 11,000

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Director General: Mr. Wen Xuezheng

Country: China

Telephone number: +86 10 877 866 40

Fax number: +86 10 877 866 88


Head office:

No.12, East 3rd Ring Road,