Global state of Human Performance Management in air navigation services

As we continue to recover globally from the Covid-19 Pandemic, our focus has been renewed towards establishing a strong and resilient future for the Aviation industry. Central to so many of the strategic and management questions are our people. The impact of the pandemic has been most felt in the home, in the operations rooms and in the towers as our teams have had to show great strength, courage and creativity to continue to provide services around the world. But it has often come at a cost to mental well-being, motivation, and confidence.

The state of employment in general has also shifted. Many of us have discovered newfound flexibility in home offices, changes to our working hours or even new roles and opportunities, and all of this is playing out amongst an uncertain future of climate change, increasing automation and technology,
and changing philosophies towards work itself.

The results of our survey have shown that Human Performance is increasingly important across the globe. Of note are the initiatives not only for assisting in the acute crises such as maintaining skills, keeping services open and adjusting to changing traffic patterns but also towards longer term
planning and evolution of the role of people themselves in our Air Navigation Services.