Planning for the Expected and Unexpected

A Special Event and Disruption Planning Reference for ANSPs

Throughout the history of commercial aviation, disruptions caused by special events and unforeseen circumstances have been an inevitable part of the air transportation system. Unique challenges from natural disasters, State events, space
or military operations can occur and disrupt air traffic management on any given day. Mismanagement of these challenges can have far-reaching and potentially devastating impacts on air traffic management. It is for this reason that the ATM industry, especially the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), needs to be aware of, and ever ready for, disruptions arising from both planned and unplanned events.

To aid ANSPs in preparing for such special events and disruptions, this Planning for the Expected and Unexpected: A Special Event and Disruption Planning Reference for ANSPs (Vol. 1) brings together case studies examining how ANSPs planned for and managed several types of special events and disruptions ranging from large-scale planned airspace closures to unplanned weather phenomena. These case studies, and the lessons learned from them, can serve as references for ANSPs should they face similar aviation disruptions.

Planning ATM Resilience Operations