Automation Interface Between Flight Information Regions –Best Practice Guide for ANSPs

CANSO’s vision is to transform air traffic management performance globally; to harmonise airspace so that planes can fly smoothly and seamlessly across the globe. CANSO has identified a number of impediments to the safe and efficient crossing of Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries and we have previously published guides on inconsistencies in filing flight plans; and problems in transitioning between surveillance and non-surveillance airspaces. This CANSO guide, Automation Interface Between Flight Information Regions: Best Practice Guide for ANSPs, addresses another impediment – incompatibilities between automation platforms in adjacent FIRs.

The automated exchange of flight data contributes to the safe and efficient crossing of FIR boundaries. This Guide will help ANSPs reduce or eliminate factors that contribute to operational inefficiencies such as read-back / hear-back errors, missed coordination and flight progress updates. It will significantly reduce the amount of manual coordination required by air traffic controllers for aircraft to cross FIR boundaries seamlessly.