airspace magazine #48

What’s on offer

In the first digital edition, hear from experts and peers in aviation on what matters most – from navigating COVID-19 and championing innovation like remote towers, UTM and space travel and surveillance, to sustainability, skills and partnership.

Inside this edition

Remaining resilient for restart and recovery

Finance, collaboration and flexibility are key components of aviation’s successful recovery.

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Digital towers come of age

Neil Bowles, Vice President, Business Development, Searidge Technologies and Csaba Gergely, Senior ATM Adviser, HungaroControl explore digital towers in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Build back better

Sustainability must become the cornerstone of the industry’s new normal.

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Keeping ATCO skill levels optimised

Maintaining air traffic controller competency will be vital during the slow recovery process.

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A message from Simon

CANSO Director General, Simon Hocquard, reflects on a year like no other, and what the future may hold.

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Improving global skies

Every region has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but strategic developments remain important in the transition to the new normal.

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Drivers for recovery

Stefano Baronci, Director General, ACI Asia-Pacific, argues that the industry must collaborate to optimise operational efficiency.

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Aireon eighteen months post-launch

A year-and-a-half since its system went live, Aireon explores how space-based ADS-B is providing vital insights worldwide.

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We are all one

As the world transitions following COVID-19, the use of drones is likely to accelerate.

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Flying high

Clarity on the legal frameworks for suborbital and orbital flights will bring greater integration to the industry’s new normal.

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Working best in partnership

Conor Mullan, Managing Director of Think Research and Associate Member Representative on the CANSO Executive Committee, explains how the increasing diversity of the ATM industry is its best asset, perhaps even more so in today’s world.

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