NAV CANADA to evaluate iTEC


NAV CANADA today announced it is commencing a 12-month evaluation of iTEC in collaboration with NATS, Avinor and Indra.   

This initial agreement will provide NAV CANADA the opportunity to evaluate the benefits and innovations inherent in a collaboratively developed platform. The evaluation will include:

  • The deployment of an evaluation version of the iTEC FDP (Flight Data Processing System) into the NAV CANADA Trajectory Based Operations test facility in Ottawa
  • The evaluation of the Indra iACM air traffic flow management product as part of an enhanced focus on network management capabilities in Canada
  • The long-term potential for the iTEC FDP and iTEC controller working position to replace the current NAV CANADA developed ATM system called CAATS

The iTEC consortium comprises seven of the most important European ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers), which collaboratively develop a common system together with the Technology Partner Indra, sharing investments and R&D efforts. In the coming years, iTEC will support the largest network of Air Traffic Control Centers in Europe, managing two thirds of Europe’s air traffic and providing the technology to materialize significant savings in flight time, fuel and running costs. NATS is a founding member of iTEC, and is closely cooperating with Avinor in the NATS iTEC System Group.

“NAV CANADA has a long history of innovation and partnership in the deployment of best-in-class technologies,” said Raymond G. Bohn, President and CEO. “As the global aviation sector evolves to meet the demands of the future – for air travel, for operational efficiency and environmental sustainability – leveraging partnerships and collaboration are key.”

“Many ANSPs worldwide are facing similar technology and operational opportunities, challenges and needs and we are excited to be able to work with Indra and NATS to see if iTEC can meet our needs,” said Bohn.

“While our participation is very much at an evaluation phase, this aligns with our strategic direction as we modernize our air traffic management platforms towards Trajectory-Based operations that will benefit our customers and stakeholders.”

Ignacio Mataix, Indra CEO, said ”This agreement with NAV CANADA boosts the strength of iTEC Alliance; its collaboration spirit takes a leap forward and expands its frontiers demonstrating our involvement with the industry challenges beyond Europe. We are convinced that iTEC, which is already being used to manage some of the most complex skies in Europe, will definitely meet NAV CANADA expectations.”

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