LVNL and skeyes achieve CANSO GreenATM Level 3 accreditation


CANSO has awarded the Dutch and Belgian air navigation services providers, LVNL and skeyes, Level 3 accreditations in its GreenATM environmental programme. This achievement is awarded to ANSPs that reduce both their direct impact on the environment and the emissions of the airspace users under their control.

The GreenATM programme, launched at the end of 2022, provides an independent assessment of air navigation service providers’ work to reduce their environmental footprints and minimise excess emissions in their airspace.

CANSO has confirmed that both skeyes and LVNL met all the requirements to achieve Level 3 and both can now carry the GreenATM quality label to show that their environmental management activities have reached the level of maturity in which the active implementation of plans that have an impact on emissions has been demonstrated.

The CANSO GreenATM programme has several levels, ranging from Level 1, where the operator recognises that the company’s policies can make an effective contribution to reducing environmental impacts, to Level 5, where all strategies are fully implemented with a positive impact on the environmental footprint and the organisation is actively involved in researching and testing innovations.

Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO, said: “Congratulations to both LVNL and skeyes on achieving Level 3 Accreditation in CANSO’s GreenATM programme. This recognition reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability through well-developed targets, public reporting, and high levels of PBN implementation.”

“We applaud both companies for their dedication to shaping a greener future for air traffic management.”

Johan Decuyper, CEO skeyes, added: “Being awarded the GreenATM label is a wonderful recognition of our efforts to effectively reduce the environmental impact of both our own operations and those of our customers, the airlines. The GreenATM programme highlighted the areas our ANSP could improve to optimise its performance.”

That view was echoed by Michiel van Dorst, CEO of LVNL, who said: “We are extremely proud with the GreenATM Level 3 accreditation, making LVNL one of the first few ANSPs in the world to do so! It’s a recognition for the sustainable path we’ve embarked on as an organization overall and in our air traffic management.

“Sustainability has become increasingly important in the aviation sector and for us. Therefore we gladly take the lead in this area.’At LVNL we are extremely proud of the GreenATM Level 3 accreditation. This is an appreciation and recognition for the sustainable choices we made as an organisation as a whole and in our air traffic management.”

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