Jane’s ATC awards recognises Indra’s tower technology for third consecutive year


Indra has been honored with the Jane’s ATC Runway Award along with its partners skyguide, SkySoft ATM and Zurich Airport for the project “Advanced Runway Safety Improvement” (ARSI). This is the third consecutive year that Indra’s InNOVA intelligent tower solution has been recognized with Jane’s ATC Runway Award.

“We find it very inspirational to work closely with clients on solutions that address their core operational challenges” says Elin Blakstad, Tower Director at Indra. “We are proud that our InNOVA tower system is recognized with the Jane’s Award once again, and grateful to the customers who have trusted us to deliver on these pioneering projects”.

The objective of the ARSI project has been to improve runway safety at Zurich Airport, characterized by its many intersecting runways and taxiways. The electronic flight strip system was fully integrated with the A-SMGCS InNOVA Ground from Indra. Skyguide’s air traffic controllers now have a solution that automatically detects and provides electronic warnings if they make safety critical decisions. The result is greatly improved situational awareness and thereby safety.

In 2018, Jane’s ATC Runway Award was given to HungaroControl’s rTWR project for the remote tower solution at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. To the project, Indra delivered the InNOVA Remote Tower system with functionality such as RIMCAS alarms and multisensory track and flight plan information. We also delivered a visualization system consisting of cameras and an 8×4 display video wall.

In 2017, the award was given to the Runway Status Lights project by DSNA and Groupe ADP at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle. The purpose of the project was to prevent accidents by warning pilots and vehicle drivers when the runway is unsafe to enter. The solution was to integrate Indra’s A-SMGCS, InNOVA Ground, with the lighting data server and field lighting system to enable visual warnings with the runway status light.

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