Indra positions Dubai Air Navigation Services at the forefront of the global deployment of SWIM


Indra, through its company Indra Avitech, has made the Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) one of the pioneers of the deployment of the SWIM (System Wide Information Management) system, the intranet that will globally connect all the players in the aviation world to facilitate much more coordinated and efficient Air Traffic Management.

The ANSP has chosen Indra to move to this state-of-the-art platform, which will connect the different aeronautical information systems used by airports, air navigation service providers, airlines, air forces and meteorological services.

Jon Goyarzu, CEO of Indra Avitech explained: “The SWIM system has been designed to facilitate seamless exchanges of information, in such a way that the different parties involved in the efficient provision of traffic operations share the same view of the situation and make decisions in a more collaborative manner, thus helping us increase the safety and improving the traffic flow.”

SWIM Middle East