Indra completes the first milestone in the programme to renew Germany’s air traffic radar network after validating its design with DFS


Indra has completed the first milestone in one of the major air traffic programmes it is working on, after closing with the German air navigation services provider, DFS, the design of the future radar network that will be used to control air traffic throughout the country. It is an ambitious project that contemplates the renewal of 23 surveillance systems distributed throughout the country, which will allow the management of more flights, in a more fluid and environmentally friendly way.

Indra validates with DFS the architecture and characteristics of the radars, demonstrating that they comply with the established requirements, and is doing so within the deadlines set for this large-scale programme, which was awarded for more than 100 million euros and will last for 13 years.

In total, Indra will equip 19 sites with primary and secondary Mode S radars, which will work in combination, and will install secondary support radars at another 4 locations. These systems incorporate more advanced digital technologies, such as more efficient gallium nitride (GaN) transmitters and fully digital signal processing, as well as nonlinear multisensor tracking algorithms that will provide a more precise image of air movements.

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