INDRA and SkySoft-ATM collaborate for the deployment of their solutions in Lithuania


Oro Navigacija, the Lithuanian Air Service Provider, in collaboration with Indra, has successfully completed the modernisation of the country’s Air Traffic Management System.

The solution provided includes an iTEC En-Route Area Control Centre for Lithuania and an InNova Vilnius Approach and Tower, both with video and voice recording capabilities enhanced by the latest version of SkyRec provided by SkySoft-ATM integrated with Voice Collect.

SkySoft-ATM is the market leader for CWP recording solutions. SkyRec is currently recording thousands of high-resolution monitors, keyboards, and mice as well as ATC Data and voice channels in over 30 nations Worldwide.

The voice recording is provided by VoiceCollect, former ATIS UHER. With a track record of 65 years in recording technology for ATC/ATM customers our systems are installed at hundreds of airports and area control centers worldwide.