FREQUENTIS and PANSA sign Memorandum of Cooperation on future exploration of data-driven airports


At World ATM Congress in Madrid, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) and Frequentis signed an agreement to explore concepts, technologies and architectures to capture and integrate data around aerodromes. The first step is the joint development of a technical demonstrator, marking a milestone in the creation of next level data-driven communication systems in the tower and airport environment.

The signing took place at PANSA’s booth on March 12th, where the Acting President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, Mr Janusz Janiszewski was joined by Frequentis AG CEO Mr. Norbert Haslacher and Vice President ATM Civil Mr. Hannu Juurakko to countersign the agreement.

“Frequentis is a market leader in developing state of the art products to increase safety and productivity in tower automation. This cooperation is an excellent opportunity to verify our roadmap and showcase capabilities and customer benefits together with a leading ANSP like PANSA.”, stated Frequentis CEO Norbert Haslacher.

The solution roadmap aligns with SESAR’s concepts of data sharing and will utilise SWIM integration capabilities, allowing Air Traffic Controllers and Air Navigation Service Providers to process all relevant, unified and harmonised information on various flight and traffic parameters.

“Our Agency is constantly exploring ways to elevate the service provision to new levels. PANSA brings t operational context as well as software assets to this joint development. AsAgency, we foresee wider applicability of data-driven solutions in tower and airport related systems. I am pleased to announce that this signing assures PANSA’s vision and strategic positioning.”, responded acting President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency,Janusz Janiszewski.

The uniqueness of such data driven solution is that it might resolve several, very complex issues on airspace capacity for both major and secondary airports. The goal is to improve safety and productivity. Through information sharing, flight predictability can be improved, time and schedule management may advance, positively influencing the cost effectiveness for aviation stakeholders.

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