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Leading the Way

Metron Aviation is a leader in Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems worldwide. Customers and partners, on six continents, trust and rely on our technologies and solutions to solve their most unique, complex, and ever-changing challenges. Today, Metron Aviation is providing the groundbreaking aviation software the industry needs to deliver automated, secure platforms, and prepare the skies for tomorrow. Our standards of excellence in engineering, science, and technology are unparalleled. We proudly serve air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other industry leaders.

Managing Airports and Airspace

Air traffic flow management (ATFM) identifies and manages demand and capacity imbalances at airports and in airspace. Through the application of ATFM solutions, stakeholders can share accurate and up-to-date information to make informed collaborative decisions. This enables air navigation service providers (ANSP) to react to dynamically changing variables such as weather conditions, air traffic demand, equipment outages, controller staffing, and other planned or unplanned events. For these reasons, ANSPs need the ATFM solutions of Metron Aviation. 

Our flow management solutions contribute to the safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of the entire ATFM system through common situational awareness, strategic automation for implementing traffic management measures, and continual improvement through post-operational metrics and reporting.

Keeping the System Flowing

The Harmony system is a comprehensive, integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solution that enables aviation authorities to proactively monitor and manage system-wide operations at local, regional, and global levels. Harmony provides stakeholders a common view of current and future air traffic conditions and provides advanced automation for identifying and managing a dynamically changing environment. The Harmony system fuses data from numerous aviation sources to provide accurate demand prediction for arriving, departing, and overflights to identify current and future constraints. Powerful automated tools enable users to collaboratively model, implement, and revise equitable and timely solutions for determining the best strategy for managing identified constraints and optimizing throughput. The result is improved airspace efficiency and enhanced safety for all airspace users.

Maintaining the Demanding Schedule

The Horizon system is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution that provides a complete system-wide view of air traffic operations enabling stakeholders to monitor current and future demand, and identify constraints related to available airspace and airport resources. A web-based platform, Horizon promotes stakeholder collaboration through a common predictive view of demand for arriving, departing, and overflight traffic based on scheduled, planned, and operational data. Its advanced air traffic flow management (ATFM) solution provides superior visibility and data accuracy for all aspects of ATFM to support better decisions.

Transforming Your Operations

P.O.E.T. is an airspace system-wide post-operations evaluation tool (P.O.E.T.) that gives airlines a better understanding of their operations, allowing them to dramatically increase effectiveness and better manage flight efficiency. As an intuitive interface, P.O.E.T., allows users to address correlations and variable factors between original flight plans and what happens between a flight leaving the gate and arriving at its destination.  P.O.E.T. transforms data into insights and gives users the knowledge that can be used to correct problems, recognize opportunities, improve short and long-term performance and much more.

Blue Skies Ahead

Together, Metron Aviation’s Harmony and Horizon systems are positively impacting the next generation of air travel. These software solutions greatly enhance airport safety, operations, and data sharing, while improving airspace efficiency and effectiveness for all airspace users.

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