CANSO Academy: Improving efficiency through remote and digital towers: Part three of three

The new CANSO guidance material for remote and digital towers introduces the remote and digital tower concept and technologies. It also explores the drivers, challenges and pressures that can influence operations, provides regulatory, safety and Human Factors insights, and shares a variety of industry case studies.

Its aim is to answer specific questions that ANSPs may have, including what a digital tower is, why and when can they be implemented, how to get started, and  what is next for digital towers.

To support General Managers on their own digital towers journey, a new, three-part CANSO webinar series will provide an accessible learning experienceto help ATM industry leaders understand the guidance material, gain in depth knowledge of the technological aspects, and learn more about the operational perspective from early adopters.

Part three  – Case Studies and Key Learning Points: Tuesday 16 February, 13.00 CET

Our final webinar is another panel discussion with Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) who will talk about the operational aspects of remote and digital towers. The session gives an in-depth introduction to the operations of specific case studies featured in the guidance. Attendees will familiarise themselves with the operational side of the concept, and will have their questions answered.


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16 February 2021 @ 13:00 to 14:00 CET



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