CANSO Guidance Material for Remote and Digital Towers

CANSO Guidance Material for Remote and Digital Towers provides an introduction to the remote and digital tower concept and technologies, and explores what drivers, challenges and pressures can influence operations.

The aim is to answer specific questions that ANSPs may have, including: what is a digital tower, why and when can they be implemented, and how to get started. It also touches on what’s next for digital towers.

To provide an accessible learning experience, the guidance material also includes perspectives from early adopters and the lessons learned. These case studies emphasise the diversity in digital tower solutions and applications, each offering a unique insight into the drivers, challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

The key takeaway is that digital towers can provide effective and cost-efficient ATS provision in a range of scenarios. For example at low traffic airports, or newly established airports, or as replacement/interim or remote services, and in aid of the centralisation of digital tower services for airports of various sizes in one facility, referred to as a Remote Tower Centre (RTC).

Join the CANSO Academy webinar series on introducing and implementing remote/digital towers here.

Smart/digital towers Operations