CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023

The CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023 is CANSO’s exclusive conference dedicated to improving safety in air traffic management (ATM), uniting leading experts in safety from across the globe.

The Conference returns for the first time since the global pandemic, to Dublin, Ireland, and is kindly hosted by AirNav Ireland.

Attendees will benefit from three days of information sharing, discussion, and networking, as we continue to improve safety in aviation in our post-pandemic world. Anyone from the ATM industry, whether directly involved in Safety or not, is invited to discuss a range of issues including:

  • Case Study Reviews of Actual incidents/investigations
  • Safety Intelligence
  • Human Performance
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety in Operations
  • Cyber Safety

We’ll also enjoy keynote addresses from global safety leaders, and explore case studies of safety incidents and their subsequent investigations. And, as with all CANSO events, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking with colleagues new and old.

The third day of the conference will see members of the four Safety Workgroups and Task Forces break off for their annual meetings (which you are welcome to drop into if you wish to find out more about being part of one of these groups). Additionally, a selection of workshops looking various aspects of safety and safety management have been organised. See the programme below for more details.

Our event will also include presentation of the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award, for 2023.

Registration for the Safety Conference is for CANSO Members only and costs just Euros 180 for all three days, and includes attendance of the Welcome Reception on 27 November, and Gala Dinner on 28 November.

Our programme

Monday 27 November

13:00 -15:00Workgroup Chair and Safety Standing Committee Steering Group Meeting (by invitation only)
15:00-17:00Safety Standing Committee Steering Group Meeting (by invitation only)
19:00-21:00Welcome Reception, hosted by

Tuesday 28 November

08:30-08:35Welcome Remarks
08:35-08:45Introductory Remarks

Osman Saafan, Chair, CANSO Safety Standing Committee Steering Group
Andrea Sack, Vice-Chair, CANSO Safety Standing Committee Steering Group
Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO
08:45-9:45Keynote Addresses
Managing any organisation requires a lot from its leaders. However, leading a Safety Organisation also comes with a unique set of challenges. In this session we will take a comprehensive and cross-industry look at varied aspects of leadership and how they apply to a mission-focused organisation that involves public safety and, with it, a high level of trust. You will hear how leadership can be approached from the aviator’s perspective, as well as from the organisational psychology, and combat leadership viewpoints.

Kim Pyle, Executive Director, Accident Investigation and Prevention, FAA

Our three keynote speakers will address the following issues:

1. Leadership in a Safety Organisation

In this session you will hear directly from a safety leader speaking to the session “In praise an incomplete Safety Manager.”

Captain Martin Timmons, Head Of Safety Management Unit, AirNav Ireland

2. Psychological Safety
Creating a Just Culture, an environment where individuals feel free to identify safety related issues with their leadership, is a key aspect of a healthy ATM organisation. But creating that environment is easier said than done. This presentation will explore the psychological aspects of creating a ‘safe’ environment from the individual employee’s perspectives and provide a leadership a perspective on how to employ it in organisations.

Damien Armenis, Director and Human Factors Principal, Cortexia

3. Leading Mission-Focused Organisations
Leadership in a mission-focussed and high-stakes organisation is not the same as leadership in most business environments. In this session you will hear the perspective on leadership from a combat veteran and experienced leadership coach. Though our teams’ lives are not on the line, their work does directly correlate to the safe passage of the global flying public. This talk will explore leadership in high pressure environments.


Kate Philp, Director and Founder, Corran Consulting Ltd.
9:45-10:15Networking Break
10:15-11:00Panel Discussion
Moderated from the ANSP and Safety Programme’s perspective, our keynote speakers will discuss leading a safety organisation from the perspective of each of their specialities.

Captain Martin Timmons, Head Of Safety Management Unit, AirNav Ireland
Kate Philp, Director and Founder, Corran Consulting Ltd.
Damien Armenis, Director and Human Factors Principal, Cortexia
11:00-11:30A Global View of Safety Management Systems’ (SMS) Maturity Assessments
Each year CANSO and EUROCONTROL partner to provide the Safety Management System Maturity Exercise. Participating ANSPs are provided a report and score using the CANSO/EUROCONTROL Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems as the guidepost. This session will review the latest global report and you will learn how an ANSP uses their results to benchmark progress and affect change in their organisation.

Radu Cioponea, Senior Team Leader, EUROCONTROL
Nicoli Gabbidon, Director, Safety and Compliance, Jamaica CAA
11:30-12:00NextGen Safety Management Systems Workgroup Presentation
The CANSO Next Generation SMS Work Group develops and promotes safety management practices that enable and improve business performance across the aviation sector, now and into the future. The Workgroup Chairs will present their recent accomplishments and work planned for the coming year.

Heather Henderson, Director, Safety Strategy and SMS Programs, NAVCANADA
Nicoli Gabbidon, Director, Safety and Compliance, Jamaica CAA
12:00-13:30Networking Lunch
13:30-13:45Safety Programme Spotlight – AirNav Ireland

To be confirmed
13:45-14:30Case Study – To be determined

To be confirmed
14:30-15:00Human Performance Workgroup Presentation
The CANSO Human Performance Workgroup develops Human Performance in ATM strategies to support members in addressing their current challenges and prepare for future changes in line with the CANSO Safety Strategy. Additionally, they aim to further understanding, clarify, and promote the role of human performance of all staff involved in air traffic management as a vital component for safety goals and operational success. The Workgroup Chairs will present their recent accomplishments and work planned for the coming year. The Workgroup Chairs will present their recent accomplishments and work planned for the coming year.
Lea-Sophie Vink, Human Performance Lead and Aviation Psychologist, Austro Control
Marian Schuver, Human Performance Lead – MovingDot
Miguel Caparrós-Ruiz, ATC Head of Training, Flight Training Europe
15:00-15:30Networking Break
15:30-16:00Global Safety Award 2022 Winner’s Presentation
Aeropath Ltd, the Aeronautical Information Management division of Airways International, won the 2022 CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award, for employing their innovative product, Flight Advisor. Aeropath will demonstrate Flight Advisor, an interactive web-based mapping tool that improves situational awareness and enhances safety for pilots operating at low levels in uncontrolled airspace.

Aeropath Ltd
16:00-16:30Global Safety Data Prototype Demonstration
CANSO and Aireon have been hard at work developing innovative new ways to approach the collection, interpretation, and display of safety data. This session will debut the concept and tools to the CANSO safety community. 
Bruno Ochin, Manager, Safety Research and Programmes, NAVCANADA
Chris Devlin, Director, Product Management, Aireon LLC
16:30-17:00Safety Intelligence Workgroup Presentation
The Safety Intelligence Work Group provides a forum to explore a focused approach to the identification, measurement (where possible) and addressing of global safety issues, hazards, or risks, using currently available and developing future safety data streams. The workgroup chairs will present their recent accomplishments and work planned for the coming year.

Bruno Ochin, Manager, Safety Research and Programmes, NAVCANADA
Donald “Britt” McNeil, Group Manager, Safety Analysis, FAA
17:00Closing Remarks
19:30Conference Dinner, hosted by

Wednesday 29 November

08:35-09:20Keynote Address – Cyber Safety in ATM
Our second day begins with a presentation by a leading cyber expert and professor at Queen’s University, Belfast. This session will identify how cyber safety plays a role in ATM systems and safety and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to an internationally recognised authority.

Professor Chris Johnson, Pro Vice Chancellor (Engineering and Physical Sciences), Queen’s University Belfast
09:20-10:00Case Study – Cyber Safety
A case-study of a real cyber safety event presented by a CANSO member organisation. You will hear what happened and how, as well the required actions identified for recovery. There will an opportunity to ask questions. This will be closed and confidential session.

Pete Clay, Chief Information Security Officer, Aireon LLC
10:00-10:30Networking Break
10:30-11:00Cyber Safety Workgroup Presentation
The CANSO Cyber Safety Workgroup develops and promotes cyber safety guidance, educational materials, and other practical products to support safety goals with a focus on identifying common cyber safety risks and issues. The Workgroup chairs will present their recent accomplishments and work planned for the coming year.

Andy Boff, Technical Secruity Consulting and Executive Leadership, Egis
Andreas Gerstinger, Safety Manager, Frequentis AG
Pete Clay, Chief Information Security Officer, Aireon LLC
11:00-11:45CATS Global Vision – Interactive Session
In this interactive session, you will receive the latest updates on the Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council. We invite you to actively participate, engage in discussions, pose challenges, and share your insights. Let’s explore how CANSO and the Safety Community can contribute to this global vision and shape the future of ATM.


Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez, Senior Manager Future Skies, CANSO
11:45-13:00Networking Lunch
13:00-14:15Best Practices in Safety Management Systems
Every year during the SMS Maturity Assessment period, ANSPs have the opportunity to submit nominations for best practices in SMS. A joint CANSO and EUROCONTROL panel deliberates and awards “good” and “best” practices accolades. This session gives you the opportunity to learn about industry leading practices in SMS directly from those who implemented them.

Kim Nichols, Airways New Zealand
Paula Santos, QSAM, Nav Portugal
Dianna Millar, Manager, Safety Strategy, Planning and Research, NAVCANADA
Amalia Negrini-Borges, Safety Expert, Performance and Analysis, AirNav Ireland  
Donald “Britt” McNeil, Group Manager, Safety Analysis, FAA
14:15-15:00Case Study – Human Error and Big Data
Traditional human error analysis is too retrospective, biased, and categorical. New techniques must look for the signals and data to reconstruct what happened objectively and to look for patterns. We must evaluate the human contributions to occurrences rather than focus on human error as primary causes. In this case study, we will look at three similar incidents occurring at three airports and demonstrate how a big data and a bottom-up approach to investigation can benefit just culture, shape responsibilities and inform how the socio-technical system is performing.

Lea-Sophie Vink, Human Performance Lead and Aviation Psychologist, Austro Control
15:00-15:30Networking Break
15:30-16:15Operations and Safety – Regional Perspectives Panel
Which comes first, Safety or Operations? Without one, there isn’t the other. A cross-regional panel will explore the natural tensions and opportunities for the Safety and Operations communities at the local, regional, and global level.

Mike Hornby, Chair, CANSO Operations Standing Committee Steering Group
To be confirmed
16:15-16:45Safety Implications of Transitioning to True North Navigation
Traditionally ANSPs create, publish, and routinely update Aeronautical Information based on local magnetic variations. This presentation examines the safety implications and makes a case for abandoning magnetic variation and moving to not only publishing procedures based on true north, but also to operators navigating accordingly.

Anthony Mackay, Vice President and Chief Safety and Quality Officer, NAVCANADA
16:45-17:15Global Safety Award 2023 Winner’s Presentation
The winner of the 2023 CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award will present their award-winning submission.
17:15Closing Remarks

Thursday 30 November (all workshops subject to minimum registration numbers)


08:00-10:00Workshop 1 – Automation’s Role in Risk Identification/Assessment
In this workshop you will learn how automated systems can be employed to identify system risks (review) and time to conflict (predictive). The FAA will present their Aviation Risk Identification and Assessment (ARIA) System and LVNL will educate on how Time to Conflict algorithms can be developed in ANSPs.
08:00-10:00Workshop 2 – SMS Where to Begin
The CANSO/EUROCONTROL SoE in SMS is recognised as the gold standard in the ATM industry. However, it is a compressive and complex document and implementing its recommendations may be daunting. This workshop will help alleviate your concerns with starting/improving your programmes. It will help you to determine where to begin, how to make incremental improvements and the benefits of participating in the annual CANSO/EUROCONTROL SoE in SMS Maturity Assessment.
08:00-10:00Workshop 3 – Risk Assessment – How to do it and why you should
Is your risk assessment process fit for purpose? This workshop will help you make sure your risk assessment processes are fit for purpose in light of common challenges, emerging needs, and best practices. It will guide you in assessing where to focus your efforts to evolve your risk assessment processes.
08:00-10:00Workshop 4 – Safety Culture/Just Culture – Where to begin, best practices, and practical examples
Safety Culture and Just Culture are buzzwords at any gathering of Safety Professionals, but how do you go about creating a healthy organisational culture when it comes to ANSPs and safety reporting? This workshop will review best practices in evaluating, implementing, and improving healthy safety cultures. In it, you will also be introduced to practical examples that you may call upon to help influence change in your organisations.
08:00-10:00Workshop 5 – Human Performance 101
In this workshop you will learn about Human Performance and how it differs from Human Factors. You learn how to distinguish Human Resources and Occupational Health programmes (i.e. performance evaluations) from Safety Programmes and how it can be implemented in your organisation. We will explore how Human Performance is measured, monitored and beneficial to safety management systems. It will also introduce the CANSO Human Performance Management SoE and how you can apply best practices.
10:00-12:00Workshop 6 – UAM/AAM/UTM Sense and Avoid – Current and future capabilities
This workshop will review current and emerging Sense and Avoid (SAA) approaches and techniques. It will be specifically focused on helping ANSPs understand how SAA can be implemented to give airspace users and controllers better situational awareness.
13:00-15:00Workshop 7 – ATM & ANS Equipment Certification
While the ATM industry tends to capitalise its development activities by moving from a project-based model to a product-based model, its stakeholders face several challenges such as heterogeneity of risk definition and required level of safety, lack of harmonised qualification processes from system to component level and qualification of solutions heavily relying on Commercial-Off-the-Shelf.

Tackling those challenges is paramount for the ATM equipment to efficiently achieve acceptable levels of safety. In pursuing this objective, this workshop aims to collaboratively define high level principles consistent with the ATM context on the following topics: Risk definition and associated levels of acceptability, and processes and methods supporting compliance to applicable regulation.

In parallel, a new regulatory framework on the ATM equipment conformity assessment is under development by the EASA, and this new framework has the potential to structure the ATM equipment qualification in the future.

Safety Workgroup meetings

10:30-17:00Human Performance Management Workgroup Meeting
10:30-17:00Safety Intelligence Workgroup Meeting
10:30-17:00Cyber Safety Workgroup Meeting
10:30-17:00Next Gen SMS Workgroup Meeting


The CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023 will be held at The Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Dublin, Ireland.

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