CANSO Euro-Asia ANSP CEO Summit

The first CANSO Euro-Asia ANSP CEO Summit, which was kindly hosted by Azeraeronavigation (AZANS) in, Baku, Azerbaijan, took place on 23 to 25 January.

The objective of this strategic Summit was to bring together CANSO Full Member CEOs from Euro-Asia’s air navigation service providers together with non-CANSO Members to discuss and address the challenges faced by our industry. Our aim was to identify collaborative solutions and strategies that will enhance air navigation services, improve safety, efficiency and capacity, and foster growth in the aviation sector.

The establishment of this new ANSP CEOs’ cooperation aims to enhance a common understanding among Euro-Asian ANSPs of the key challenges facing the region and identify common solutions, as well as develop and establish a collaborative decision-making process.

We discussed ATM strategies with CANSO Full Member CEOs of AZANS (Azerbaijan); DHMI (Türkiye); Kazaeronavigatsia (Kazakhstan) and Uzaeronavigacija (Uzbekistan) with CEOs of Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia (Kirgizstan); Tajikairnavigation (Tajikistan) and Turkmenhowayollary (Turkmenistan).

Simon Hocquard

Director General CANSO 

Farhan Guliyev

Director Azeraeronavigation

Important note: The CANSO Euro-Asia ANSP’s CEO Summit was an invitation only event.


Tuesday 23 January

19:00Bus departs Four Seasons Hotel for Welcome Dinner
19:30-22:30Welcome Dinner – hosted by

Venue: The Hill Restaurant
Dress Code: Casual

Bus will take guests back to The Four Seasons Hotel after the dinner.

Wednesday 24 January

The CANSO Euro-Asia ANSP CEO Summit will be held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Rast Meeting room, first floor
08:30-09:00Registration and Welcome Coffee
09:00-09:30Opening Session

Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO
Rahman Hummatov, Deputy Minister, Digital Development and Transport Ministry, Azerbaijan
09:30-09:45Introducing the CANSO Action Plan to Promote Regional Collaboration in Central Asia and Neighbouring Countries
09:45-11:35Current Opportunities in Air Navigation Services
Introducing attendees and their respective organisations and presentations by each ANSP on the current issues faced by air navigation service providers in the region, covering: Operations, Capacity Building, Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Consideration, Regulatory Environment, Technology and Innovation.

Representatives from:
AZANS, Azerbaijan
DHMI, Türkiye
Kazaeronavigatsia, Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia, Kirgizstan
Tajikairnavigation, Tajikistan
Turkmenhowayollary, Turkmenistan
Uzaeronavigacija, Uzbekistan
11:35-12:00Networking Break
12:00-13:00Discussion on Potential Strategies to Enhance Collaboration Between ANSPs
·     Identify potential areas for collaboration among Euro-Asia ANSPs
·     Identify joint projects to address common challenges effectively
13:00-14:30Networking Lunch
14:30-15:30Closing Remarks
18:45Bus departs The Four Seasons Hotel for Summit Dinner
19:00-22:00Summit Dinner and Social Event, hosted by

Venue: Mangal Steak House Restuarant
Dress code: Business casual

Bus will take guests back to The Four Seasons Hotel after the dinner.

Thursday 25 January

09:30Bus departs The Four Seasons Hotel for Azeraeronavigation ATD
10:00-11:00Visit Azeraeronavigation ATD
11:00Bus departs Azeraeronavigation ATD
11:30-16:00Walking tour of the Old City, bypassing the main landmarks and tasting of Tendir Chorek and Tea ceremony including:
12:00 Visit to Baku Caviar Boutique
13:30 Lunch in Qaynana Restaurant
15:00 Guests are invited to Azerkhalca showroom, for presentation and master class of carpet weaving
16:00 Departure to the Four Seasons Hotel
19:30Bus departs The Four Seasons Hotel for Closing Dinner
20:00-22:00Closing Dinner in Baku White City hosted by

Dress code: Casual
Bus will take guests back to The Four Seasons Hotel after the dinner.

Event Details

23 – 25 January 2024

Baku, Azerbaijan

Four Seasons Hotel


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