Organisation Overview

The overriding priority of Kazaeronavigatsia, the Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), is rendering a safe service over the 2.7 million square kilometers of controlled airspace through 88 international air routes handling traffic flows from South-East Asia and China to Europe. 

The 2012 is vital for finalising the creation of the National ATM System which will consist of three consolidated ATC centers: Astana, Aktobe and Almaty. This also includes transition of air traffic control from all of 15 remote control towers which will be a part of ATC Centers. The national system will enable to form seamless airspace over entire Kazakhstan territory on a single hardware and software. 

The new National ATM System is based on communications and data link network. The need in development of own reserved communication network was attributed to large distances between navigation units, sparse population and technical backwardness of many remote communities in the Republic. Kazaeronavigatsia has built a digital data transmission network between all navigation units of Kazakhstan including ground and satellite segments of data links with automatic selection of correct path. 

Given the challenges that interoperability, cooperation and partnership will bring as a result of air navigation services providers actions, our company continues to optimise air navigation infrastructure based on the experience of deployment of the most advanced 

and leading-edge technologies enabling procedures harmonisation, improvement of effectiveness and environment protection, achievement of interoperability with the global ATM system.

Number of Towers Operated18
Number of Area Control Centres4
Number of Employees2,186
Number of ATCOs753

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Director General: Mr. Nurzhan Nurakhanuly Akhmetov

Country: The Republic of Kazahkstan

Telephone number: +7 (7172) 773 404

Fax number: +7 (7172) 773 566

E-mail: office@ans.kz

Head office:

Kabanbay Batyr dangyly 119,
“Esil” audany, 010014
The Republic of Kazakhstan