EVA and Unifly streamline the safe integration of drones from ground to sky


EVA, the global leader for high throughput drone and robot infrastructure and Unifly, the global leader in Unmanned Traffic Management technology, are thrilled to announce that they are joining forces. Together, the two partners provide an end-to-end solution for the drone services market by combining EVA’s drone infrastructure (portable Vertical Stations) and Unifly’s cutting-edge UTM technology.

Through this partnership, EVA and Unifly help streamline the safe integration of drones into the airspace and offer operators – private organizations and government agencies alike – an easy-to-deploy solution to support their operational needs.

The Vertical Stations serve as the connecting nodes between sky and ground, providing charging and storage means, UTM system, and flight operation planning for given critical drone missions.

The resulting all-in-one drone infrastructure benefits a wide variety of use cases: medical supply and parcel delivery, disaster relief, logistics, smart cities, on-demand infrastructure inspection, etc.

Olivier LE LANN, CEO at EVA, Inc.: “We are now entering the golden age of the drone industry. EVA has always positioned itself as enabling the drone industry to accelerate its missions, accomplishing incredible missions such as delivering healthcare, seeding trees, rescuing people, establishing connections between people and businesses. We followed Unifly impressive tracked global record in Europe, North-America and other continents, and found with Unifly team a great chemistry in supporting our global customers with the best technology.”

Laurent HUENAERTS, General Manager at Unifly Inc: “A partnership between EVA and Unifly was a no-brainer: our two companies share the same mission to enable large-scale routine drone service applications, we have extremely complementary technologies, and we are both active globally. We believe that this joint solution, combining Unifly’s UTM and drone operations management and EVA’s ground infrastructure, definitely helps to further unlock the economic, societal, and environmental benefits drones have to offer.”