New Tower Park inauguration at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


After meticulous planning, evaluation, trials and tests conducted by Air Navigation and Weather Services  (ANWS), air traffic control operations have been seamlessly transferred from the old Taipei Tower to the new Taipei Tower. The new air traffic management system deployed at the new tower has been operating for three months and air traffic controllers are satisfied with its performance and capabilities. 

Since its inauguration in February 26th, 1979, the old control tower provided control services for over forty years, handling traffic from less than 100 daily movements during its early days to complex operations totaling over 730 movements in 2019. To accommodate such growth in traffic volume and to further support Tower Operations, ANWS began the construction of the “Taoyuan International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Project” in 2013.

With a total budget of 1.27 billion New Taiwan Dollars, the project consists a 65 meter high newly constructed control tower and multiple affiliated buildings. Taking reference from various high volume international airport and operational trends, the new tower deploys SAAB’s [check link] integrating tower automation system. System trials, tests and the final transition were conducted during late night hours while traffic volumes were less congested, with the primary concern of not affecting live ATC operations.

The new tower project also includes Micro Nav’s 360 degree tower simulator, allowing ATCs to undergo proficient and comprehensive training. The inauguration of the new tower not only symbolizes heightened flight safety, but also paves the way for a new generation of professional controllers to provide high quality service at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The New Tower Park is situated at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport; and by providing air traffic control, meteorological services and NAVAID services, the new tower not only stands as a guardian of flight safety but also an significant milestone for air traffic services. With the inauguration of the new Tower Park, air traffic service efficiency and flight safety will be significantly enhanced while the service quality will also meet international standards for major hubs throughout the world.

ATM News Asia-Pacific