Enrique Maurer is taking over for Ángel Luis Arias as the CEO of ENAIRE


The former Director of Air Navigation Services, Enrique Maurer, has taken over for Ángel Luis Arias as ENAIRE’s CEO with effect from 10 June.

At its latest meeting at the Madrid-Torrejón de Ardoz Control Centre, ENAIRE’s Governing Board endorsed a natural succession that guarantees continuity in the strategic policies adopted by Spain’s air navigation services provider, as laid out in the public entity’s 2025 Flight Plan. Not surprisingly, Maurer has been “number two” at the Company since his appointment of him in 2017 as the Director of Air Navigation Services. 

With the appointment of Enrique Maurer as ENAIRE’s new CEO, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (MITMA) is once again endorsing a highly technical individual as the head of a company that provides critical services and infrastructures for the State.

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